Illinois River Demographic Study

Illinois River Demographic Study

A study comparing the age profiles of the Mississippian Native American and the Early Pioneer interments along the Illinois River

IRDS Website Re-Launch!

Jul. 20, 2011 8:00 PM

Website News

We are proud to present a re-launch of the Illinois River Demographic Study website! This website brings many additions and improvements, as well as brand new design inspired by our former design. Read on to learn more!

Study Data - The Study Data section has been totally reworked to accomodate all of the study data. That's right - ALL of the study data is now on the site, thanks to an algorithm that was able to automate the process. The process wasn't perfect, so every record will have a notice until it is manually verified to be accurate to the actual study data. Every county, site, and record now has it's own URL, to make it easy to cite or refer to a particular record.

News - We now have a News section, so visitors can find out what we've been doing. Just like the study data, each news story has its own URL, to make it easy to link to a particular story.

Contact - We now have a Contact form, so visitors can more easily contact us with questions, comments, or concerns about the study or website.

More additions and improvements are in the future! We're currently working on a new Photo Gallery system to make the study photos available again, as well as link relevant photos to study data. We're also working on a surprise feature that will make study data more useful and accessible to fellow researchers, as well as the general public. Please report any bugs you find on the website, and check back on this page for any new updates!