Illinois River Demographic Study

Illinois River Demographic Study

A study comparing the age profiles of the Mississippian Native American and the Early Pioneer interments along the Illinois River

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Admire Cemetery Study Data

Field Notes:

When I visited the site indicated to me as Admire in the summer of 2004, I did not find anything that gave me insight as to where the site might actually be.

Admire is near or around a large tree in the center of what was a corn field in this particular summer. The area around the tree did not disclose any signs of stones that might once have been pushed up against it. However, there was a great deal of brush and weeds up against the tree and there is still a possibility that stones are under all the biomass.

There is a small area around the tree that has not been plowed.

City:Woodville Township, IL
Date Studied:Summer 2004